Frequently Asked Questions

     Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who May Become a Member?:As an association of Ayurvedic schools and colleges, only a school or college may become a member.

  • Can Practitioners Become Members?:At this time, there is no membership for individual practitioners.

  • How is the NCAE Different from NAMA (The National Ayurvedic Medical Association)?:The National Council on Ayurvedic Education is an association of schools and colleges. The National Ayurvedic Medical Association is an association of practitioners.

  • Will the NCAE be Administering National Board Examinations?: Yes. The target date for the first examinations will be in 2016.

  • Who will write the examinations?: The examinations will be written by representatives of the member schools of the NCAE and approved by all member school.

  • Is The NCAE a Non-Profit Organization?:YES!  NCAE is a 501 c-6 Non Profit Organization.